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Your Electronic Product is special, enhance it and keep it special.

We design your product as required by you. We advise and add value.

Big or Small designs utilize our experienced team of engineers with the design of your electronics, software and enclosures.

We are constantly working with the most up to date technology which should be in your new product.

You know the costs in advance with our fixed price system.

With regular updates you will always know the progress of your product development.

Get a FREE! review of your current technology from us NOW! and see if it is the most up to date or could be improved.

Call: +44 (0)1792346289

Simple as 3 steps:

Call: +44 (0)1792346289

You specify your design:

In confidence, show us what you want made or just a description of the product.

Get a proposal from us:

We will supply you with a proposal with a fixed price and a development time scale. There are no costs until you are happy with the proposal from us and want to start the project development.

Start development:

When you are happy with the proposal, we will start developing the product to a prototype.

As soon as we have completed the prototype, we ship it to you for you to test and evaluate.

Then we take your feedback from the prototype until your product is perfect and to your requirements.

Go around the development feedback loop as many times as it takes to achieve your vision with no additional cost.

The Cost Is Fixed, Guaranteed!

Questions we are frequently asked by our customers:

As all products are different it is not possible to easily say without discussing the requirements. That said this is not a cheap service, but it is cost effective. It is important to note that the development costs will typically be a tiny fraction of the potential revenue you will receive of a successful product. Also, there are no costs for our service until you have a fixed price from us. Therefore, we would recommend you give us a call, discuss your requirements and we can give you a proposal with a fixed price.

This is dependent on the complexity and size of the product you want to have designed. We will provide an indication of how long it will take, and this is normally very accurate. You will also have a fixed price so any overruns on time will not incur additional cost to you.

No in all cases you keep the rights and own the intellectual property to the product. We never have a claim to royalties for the product.

Call: +44 (0)1792346289

Call: +44 (0)1792346289

Electronics Design:

Circuit Diagram design Circuit board design and layout (PCB).

IoT Connected Devices, Bluetooth connected devices, Wearable electronics.

Medical device design. Automotive electronics.

Power supply design and Low power battery device design.

All current technologies used and designed.

Software Design:

Embedded software for devices and wearables.

Android and IOS App design.

PC software.

Connect devices over the internet with embedded software and APP's on all platforms. Remote control devices anywhere in the world and receive telemetry information in real time.

Intelligent and engaging software for your customers.

Mechanical Design:

Stylish enclosure design for your product.

Mould tool design.

3D modelling and analysis.

Prototype and Manufacturing:

PCB Prototyping.

3D printing.

CNC machining.

Manufacturing support for your product.

Resolve production problems for your product, designed with us or other.

Product support for the life of your product.